Report an Incident

Please use this form to report harassment or discrimination on the basis of a protected characteristic. This could include incidents such as sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner or dating violence, discrimination, or discriminatory harassment.

You can find Kenyon’s Office for Civil Rights at

You can find a copy of Kenyon’s Civil Rights Policy at

You can include as much or as little information as you want. You do not have to include your name, though that may hamper the ability of the College to investigate and respond appropriately.

If the Complainant’s name is given they will be contacted, if it is appropriate, by email as soon as possible by the Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator. If you and/or the complainant would like to contact the Civil Rights/Title IX Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator you may find their contact information at

What kind of incident are you reporting?
The person who was the target of/experienced the behavior being reported.
Is the complainant?
Check all that apply.
The person who committed the behavior being reported.
Is the respondent?
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If there are multiple dates or the date is unknown, leave this blank and provide more information in the Incident description, below.
List any witnesses who were present or who may be able to provide relevant information
Describe the incident as clearly as possible. Include a full description of the event, verbal statements made, and what, if any, physical contact or discriminatory behavior was involved. Please include all information; be as detailed as possible.
Have you reported the incident to any of the following?
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