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Student Progress Report

Progress reports are mission-critical in helping our students gauge when they might be in trouble (and how much trouble) during the semester, so they can reach out to you, their faculty advisors, the Advising Office, as well as any number of campus resources that might contribute to their academic success (e.g. SASS, MSSC, Writing Center). That said, any and all submissions over the course of the semester are greatly appreciated.

It is always surprising when students say they *did not know* they were doing so poorly. Progress reports provide them with your thoughts and holds them accountable to academic expectations. More importantly though, progress reports put students, their faculty advisors, and our office on alert so that we can provide additional support as needed.

Progress reports can also be submitted for strong academic performance, particularly from students who seem to excel naturally as well as students who rebound significantly after faltering early. Positive reports are valuable in offering additional encouragement.

Progress Reports will be forwarded directly to students. If you wish to provide additional comments for advisor/administrator eyes only, please feel free to do so in the last box on this form.