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Student Progress Report

Progress reports help students gauge their performance during the semester, so they can improve by working with you, their faculty advisors, the Advising Office or with other campus resources such as SASS, the MSSC or the Writing Center. Faculty can also use this form to encourage students for particularly impressive or consistent academic work or for recovering from early difficulties.

Unless you request otherwise, Progress Reports will be forwarded directly to students and their faculty advisors. If applicable, the report is shared with students’ Conditional Enrollment advisor and athletic coach. Reports are also shared with the Dean for Academic Advising, Registrar, Director of SASS, Dean of Student Development, Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the Director of the Center for Global Engagement. If you wish to provide additional private comments only for advisors and administrators, please feel free to do so in the last box on this form. The contents of this box is not shared with students even if you elect to send the student the rest of the report.

Be aware that Progress Reports are manually forwarded to students, advisors, CE advisors and coaches. There may be a slight delay (usually less than 24 hours during the week) before students receive Progress Reports. Progress Reports are typically not forwarded over the weekend. Please do not use Progress Reports to convey time-sensitive information, such as short-term deadlines or invitations to meetings held on the same day. Direct emails to students are usually a better way to communicate this information.

Thank you for taking the time to send updates on the progress of your students.