Student Evaluation Letter for Faculty Member Under Review

As discussed in the letter you received regarding the College’s faculty review procedures, we would like from you a letter describing your experience of the teaching and advising (if applicable) of the faculty member listed above. Your input is highly valued by the members of the Tenure and Promotion Committee and The College. A letter focusing on specific examples (or even stories) of your experience in a course provides the most direct evidence to the Committee and is usually more helpful than one composed largely of generalizations. You might consider aspects including (but not limited to) the faculty member’s preparation for classes, conduct of class sessions, effectiveness as a mentor or advisor, timeliness and effectiveness in giving feedback on course assignments, and availability in office hours or for other consultation outside of class. Overall, a student letter is most helpful when it relates with honesty and balance both the strengths and the weaknesses of a Professor’s interactions with students. In order to avoid losing your work part way through your draft (and so that you may avail yourself of the benefits of a spell-checker), please compose your letter using a word processing program and then copy and paste the text into the box below. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Quinlivan at 427-5117 or Thank you on behalf of the faculty member under review, the Tenure and Promotion Committee, and the College, as well as future generations of Kenyon students, for contributing to this important process. We appreciate your good citizenship and cooperation.